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9 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer(Crewelter9WW)

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What is an ionized water machine?

Generally, ionized water machines use the tap water and ground water to produce alkaline or acidic ionized water through an electrolytic device (electrolytic cell). Alkaline ionized water is produced at the cathode(-), which contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, and acidic ionized water is produced at the anode(+), which contains minerals such as phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine within the electrolytic device (electrolytic cell).

The alkaline ionized water is drinkable, and the acidic ionized water can be used for washing purposes. The alkaline ionized water machine generates materials for medicinal purposes and was approved by the F.D.A. Its effects in treating chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal zymolysis in the stomach and excessive stomach acid were recognized.

Our 9plates alkaline water ionizer is~

1. Front Sliding door type (Patent)




2. 9 Plates platinum titanum plates. (High Technology)

3. ORP : -650~-800MV Strong revivification
(other water ionizer : usually -250 ~ -400MV)

4. Wireless filter life medicator on the display.

5. SPMS (not trans type) :
Mas 348w -  strong electrolysis power even in the heavy lime-water.

6. Display : color LCD & Touch panel

7. UV Lamp applied to kill germs

8. Faucet is available (option : under counter type)

* How to use Alkaline Water !

* How to use Acidic Water !

* Crewelter 9WW Specification

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